t2i associates work with business leaders to ensure that the strategy on which they are focused can be achieved by the organisation they lead

Value Proposition

t-squared-i work with Business Leaders to ensure that the strategy on which they are focused can be achieved by the organization they lead

This means:-

  • Being clear about the long term Goal - realistic but ambitious
  • Establishing few clear Strategic Priorities – the route to achieving that Goal
  • Engaging the people, without whom these priorities cannot be delivered
  • Ensuring the reasons for any change are positively communicated

Strategy: from Design to Successful Delivery




The Starting Point:

'Something Must
be Done'


  • Macro-Market trends
  • Local market dynamics
  • Disruptors in the market
  • Competitors taking market share
  • Losing key people
  • Loss of focus of 'why we are here'

The need to adapt is ever-present - nothing is perfect - nothing lasts forever.

The way the Leadership of a company handles this truth is crucially important.

Organisations are always in Transition - even if they don't realise it's nature.

Transition starts with a QUESTION and leads to a PLAN

We offer consultation to the Leadership Team

  • One to One consultation
  • Leadership Team workshops
  • Task Group faciliation
Delivering the Change:

'So, how far
shall we go?'

The Transformation Agenda

Knowing that something has to be done is very different to deciding what it will be and what the organisation will look and feel like once it is completed.

  • New business strategy for growth
  • New business teams with clear targets
  • Energised existing teams with new focus

This process of transformation is intense and has to be planned and executed in a careful way.

  • Communication of purpose
  • Calm, ordered progression
  • Commitment to clear priorities

We offer:-

  • Continuing one-to-one consultation and coaching
  • Team facilitation on the key task in hand - avoiding diversions
  • Reporting back on activity undertaken and likelihood of success in achieving desired goals


    Ensuring Sustainability:

    'Missing Piece'


    Often making the change is such hard work that at the end a 'phew we did it!' reaction sets in. Making the change is not enough, integrating the procedures on which success of the change is dependent is not so 'dynamic' for the Leadership, but equally important for the success.

    • Ensuring each unit / section / department has clarity of purpose
    • Making roles and responsibilities of each individual clear and understood
    • Systems are changed to embed the change of organisation
    • Communication processes are created that support the on-going organisation
    • Success is celebrated

    We offer:-

    • Departmental team events
    • Company-wide events to embed the cultural change
    • Evaluation processes to ensure the achievement of results


      Our Approach

      Professional and Experienced

      • We know what it is like, because we have had to do similar jobs ourselves.
      • We know that it is you who has the knowledge - we can provide the 'informed sounding board'.
      • We know that it is you who has the accountability - we can provide a 'challenge of ideas'.
      • We know that it is you who will be judged by the result - we can provide the 'process steps'.

      Defined by:-

      • Alignment of Interests
      • Ability to handle the Irrational
      • Clarity and Logical Steps
      • Passion for Success

      Our Development Agenda

      Our core offer:-

      • Commercial Development - Marketing and Sales
      • Capability Development - People and Organisition
      • Communication Development - Internal and External

      Expertise and Areas

      Industrial Distribution - EMEA

      Component Manufacturing - Global

      Charity Sector - sub-Saharan Africa

      Education and Training - UK

      Hospitality - UK

        Links and Associateships

        Principal Associates

        John Miller

        Executive Director & Principal



        Group COO of pan-European PLC in Industrial B2B Distribution

        European Distribution Director of the Global Leader in Pneumatics Manufacturing

        Key Skills:

        Strategy – from conception to delivery

        Organisation – from design to implementation

        People – from involvement to commitment

        Marketing – from idea to planned activity


        Contact: Connect with John Miller via Linkedin

        Sonia Inniss

        Managing Partner - Consultants at Work


        Key Skills:

        Ensuring that the organization is ready to face the demands of its strategic aspirations

        Executive Coach to Top Management

        Developing Organisation Capacity


        Contact: Connect with Sonia Inniss via Linkedin

        Ricky Coussins

        Managing Partner - Coussins Associates


        Key Skills:

        Marketing consultancy  across the full spectrum from Strategic to Tactical

        Training and development design

        Facilating workshops and sessions in marketing, competitor analysis, market development and organization change


        Contact: Connect with Ricky Coussins via Linkedin